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Development and Distribution
Advanced Animal Health can help manufacturers looking to develop natural health and performance products aimed at the UK poultry industry. Between table eggs and poultry meat the UK market alone is worth £7 billion a year at retail value.

The UK laying flock for table eggs stands at just over 33 million birds, whilst the chicken meat market has around 90 million birds on the ground at any one time to service an industry processing around 17m birds a week.

AAH can advise prospective entrants into the poultry nutraceutical sector with regard to industry structure, industry operational considerations and industry legislation.

AAH can devise trial protocols for use in live commercial poultry systems, and guide manufacturers as to which KPI’s are important and measurable.

AAH can locate suitable trial flocks, specify in flock data capture and negotiate usage rights to evaluation data, according to a manufacturers objective.

AAH can supervise field trials at set up and monitor them as they progress, collecting and distributing sample materials such as eggs via specialist courier services.

For poultry products launched in the UK AAH can distribute through any channel which could be direct to farm, direct to a feed mill or via a veterinary wholesaler. AAH can hold stock at its warehousing facility and deliver to most parts of the UK mainland within 24hrs.