The products which Advanced Animal Health work with are in the so called ‘nutraceutical’ category. Typically products are derived from natural sources, whereby the naturally occurring properties of a plant or a mineral are harnessed for use in poultry production.
There is a long established history of using marine minerals e.g. oyster shell in poultry rearing and, in addition, there is a whole poultry nutrition industry based around the supply of important dietary mineral supplements such as calcium, zinc, iron and phosphorous.

More recently there has been a number of natural competitive exclusion products, which use cocktails of pre-biotic bacteria, coming onto the market.

Health and performance products derived from a natural source are common within the poultry production industry.

Currently Advanced Animal Health handles natural products derived from two plant sources.

Algal Booster – Is from the marine alga Padina Pavonica.

AFTex – Is from the Opuntia Ficus-indica cactus.