Algal Booster

Algal Booster is a feed additive supplied to feed mills in powder form. Algal Booster contains molecules extracted from the marine alga Padina Pavonica using organic solvents and low pressure distillation.

The marine alga, from which the extract is taken, binds calcium carbonate to itself as a plant in the wild. The ability of the plant to bind calcium has been researched and understood so that the binding function can be replicated in other living organisms.

Algal Booster is most commonly used in commercial poultry to enhance shell quality, calcium metabolism and to improve early stage chick viability in progeny.

Algal Booster is supplied in 24kg drums for inclusion into feed at 1kg per tonne.

Product Variants – The Padina Pavonica active ingredient can also be sourced as a liquid, in various concentrations, suitable for inclusion into liquid vitamin formulations such as D3 and shell aid products.