AFTex is Avian Formula Tex-OE®.

AFTex is a natural product capable of elevating Heat Shock Protein levels in day old broiler chicks. Heat Shock Proteins’ (HSP’s), are proteins which living organisms generate in order to initiate repair following cell damage.

Cell damage is known to occur in day old broiler chicks as a result of stresses applied to the birds such as hatching, sexing, vaccination, transportation and transfer from a sterile to non sterile environment. As these, and other stresses are easily anticipated, AFTex can be used to prime HSP levels ahead of these events leaving the chicks well prepared to initiate cell repair. Rapid cell repair allows the birds to return to their normal growth profile more quickly, resulting in improved live weights.

Abstract of the paper published in British Poultry Science Sept 14

AFTex is supplied in two formats; AFTex Hatchery Spray in  10 x 1.5ml vials for application at the hatchery and as an on farm drinking water treatment in 1 litre twin neck dosing flasks.