Advanced Animal Health Ltd develops and distributes naturally derived ‘nutraceuticals’ used to improve the health and performance of commercial poultry flocks.

From our UK facility in East Anglia, a major poultry producing region, AAH broker, operate and evaluate field trials for manufacturers of novel poultry health supplements who are looking to gather credible ‘in vivo’ evidence of health and performance benefits for their products from real life operating commercial poultry systems.

AAH has established links with many of the UK’s commercial poultry integrators, as well as the veterinary professionals and nutritionists who support the sector. AAH has experience collaborating with academics and research institutes in order to look at trial flock performance during the product development phase.

AAH acts as a distributor for products which are cleared for use in the food chain, have completed field trials and which are on open sale to the commercial poultry sector.

AAH is an accredited UFAS, (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), distributor, which means that it is permitted to deliver feedstuffs to feed mills throughout the UK and Europe. AAH is an existing supplier to most of the major feed mill groups operating within the UK.